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Artificial Intelligence for Independent News Publishers

Image by Markus Spiske
What is AI and why should I care? How can I use AI in my independent news room, and what are the risks, challenges and considerations involved? How are my peers using different AI tools, and what can I learn from them? 

Over the last year, PINF has worked with Madalina Ciobanu and consulted publishers around the UK to produce a guide on AI in indie newsrooms

This guide aims to provide a snapshot of the main considerations, questions and opportunities surrounding the general use and applicability of artificial intelligence (AI) technologies in journalism. 

It was developed to inform conversations taking place between members of the PINF network at the Independent News Forum in October 2023. The content was expanded in January 2024 following conversations and questions that were raised at the event. 

This guide will help readers to:

  • Better understand the definitions of AI and generative AI (genAI) technologies;

  • Explore some of the possible applications of AI for journalism;

  • Reflect on the risks and challenges, as well as the factors that influence the implementation of AI in newsrooms;

  • Review some of the key recent resources and updates in the field of AI.

Click on the list below to access the full guide. 

AI guide.png
Questions? Comments? Contributions? If you'd like to share your views or experience on this topic with the PINF team, get in touch.
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