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Our Team


Hani Barghouthi

Head of Advocacy

Hani has worked as a journalist and in advocacy in Jordan, where he grew up, and in the United States. He was a reporter at 7iber, an online magazine specialising in accountability journalism in Amman, a case and communications manager at Rainbow Street, and a Poynter Institute fellow on the breaking news desk at the Detroit News after graduating from Columbia University's Graduate School of Journalism. 

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Simona Bisiani 

Data Scientist - Local News Map 

Simona is a computational journalism Doctoral Researcher at the Surrey Institute for People-Centred AI. She is the data architect on PINF's Local News Mapping project. Her PhD focuses on measuring spatial variations in news coverage in the UK to understand the robustness of local media coverage across the country, and how ownership consolidation affects media diversity and relevance - and whether media diversity and relevance affect democratic engagement. She has worked as the data journalist responsible for the State of Data Journalism surveys 2021-2023. 


Zoe Greenfield 

Business Manager

Zoe has worked with charities and social enterprises in the UK and internationally for fifteen years.  She was previously CEO of the Ethical Journalism Network and prior to this held senior roles at the International Network of Street Papers working at the intersection of social enterprise, journalism and advocacy.   


Now, as a freelance consultant she provides strategic and operational guidance as well as hands-on support to a range of third sector organisations with a focus on media development and network organisations.

Jonathan - June 2019 Edited.jpg

Jonathan Heawood

Executive Director

Jonathan began his career as a journalist at the Observer and has also served as Editor of the Fabian Review, Director of English PEN, Director of Programmes at the Sigrid Rausing Trust and CEO of IMPRESS. He has written for newspapers and magazines including the Telegraph, Guardian and New Statesman, and journals including Critical Quarterly, the Journal of Media Law and the British Journalism Review. He has given evidence to several Parliamentary inquiries and is regularly invited to speak at conferences in the UK and internationally.


Jonathan has a PhD from the University of Cambridge and has held visiting fellowships at King’s College, London, the University of East Anglia and the University of Stirling. He is a Leadership Fellow at St George’s House, Windsor and Chair of the Stephen Spender Trust. His first book, The Press Freedom Myth, was published in 2019.

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Jaldeep Katwala

Network Manager

Jaldeep has worked as a journalist for the BBC, Channel 4 News and Radio Netherlands. He has trained journalists at Bournemouth University, worked with UN Peacekeeping Missions in Haiti and the Democratic Republic of Congo, and led capacity building projects for media in Serbia, Nigeria, Papua New Guinea, Southeast Asia and South Sudan. He is passionate about developing the skills of journalists and their managers and about making journalism more socially representative and diverse.

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Joe Mitchell

Deputy Director

Joe Mitchell co-founded and co-directed Democracy Club from 2016-2020. Previously, he gained experience in comms and advocacy with Purpose PBC, the UK Civil Service and Commonwealth Secretariat, and has experience with NGOs such as Transparency International and Global Witness. He has degrees from UWaterloo, SOAS and Oxford.


Rebecca Tracy

Development Manager

Rebecca has worked with community-led charities in the UK and internationally for ten years. She currently splits her time between her work at PINF and as Business Manager for Scottish investigative journalism cooperative, The Ferret.


She was previously a development manager at Citizens Advice and prior to this held development and communication roles with charities in Tajikistan and Tanzania. Rebecca worked for International Sports Broadcasting and the Cycling World Championships after graduating from Glasgow Caledonian University's Multimedia Journalism course. 

Regional & National Organisers

Since May 2023, freelance organisers have helped us establish and manage a community of independent news publishers who collaborate with each other and help inform our work at PINF to keep it grounded in the needs of the sector. 


Rhiannon Davies


Rhiannon is the founder of the multi-award winning Greater Govanhill magazine and co-founder of The Community Newsroom in Glasgow. She will soon be launching The Scottish Beacon - an innovative local news collaborative. She has a BA(Hons) in Humanities, an MSc in Journalism, Media and Communications as well as a PG Diploma in Journalism Innovation and Leadership. She was a member of the Scottish Government public interest journalism working group and is on the Women in Journalism Scotland committee.


Camille Dupont

South West England 

Camille is a freelance multimedia journalist, editor and producer based in Wiltshire. She started out by working with the European Youth Press on projects funded by the Council of Europe and co-founding an equal opportunity programme at Sciences Po Strasbourg in France while studying.


She then worked at London-based creative agencies in training design, communications, advertising and branding. Camille later joined the national independent publication The National Student and became its editor, working with young people across the UK on getting their first national by-lines. Since then, she has worked with The World Today, Routed Magazine, ABC News, and local media as well as PressPad. She was also a fellow of human rights charity the 3 million Stories for Change’s programme. Camille’s focus is on current affairs, diversity issues and arts.

Rowan photo_edited.jpg

Rowan Gavin 

South East England 

Rowan (he/him) is a Co-Editor of The Norwich Radical, an independent online politics and arts publication founded in 2014. He is also Sub-Editor of QueerAF, a weekly newsletter of UK LGBTQIA+ news, and Campaign Co-ordinator at Better Media, a membership-based media reform organisation and successor to the Campaign for Press and Broadcasting Freedom.


Beyond the world of indie media and media reform, he works as a freelance copywriter, editor and web designer, and as a library assistant.

Emma Headshot.jpeg

Emma Guy 


Emma is the Editor of EachOther, a human rights publication and a Co-Founder of The Great Central Gazette, a not-for-profit newspaper in Leicester. Emma has a background in Investigative Journalism and she has co-produced and co-hosted an award winning podcast called: ‘Less Than 2%’. The series won five European awards at the Lovie Awards 2022. Above all Emma is interested in public service journalism, social issues and human rights. 

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Kathryn Johnston 

Northern Ireland

Kathryn (she/her) is a published author, broadcaster, and freelance journalist. She has contributed to The Sunday Times, Daily Telegraph, Irish Times, Irish Independent, BBC, RTE, ITV and others.


Kathryn is a member of the Board of VIEWDigital. She is also Equality Officer for Belfast & District NUJ, and is a member of both the National Executive Committee and the Irish Executive Committee of the NUJ, as well as being a member of the National Equality Committee. Her main areas of interest are the rights of victims/survivors of the Northern Ireland conflict and the representation of diversity and minorities.


Given half a chance, you can find her talking, reading or watching a film, sometimes at the same time.


Gary Kelly 

North of England 

Gary Kelly is a writer, podcaster, community organiser, and events manager. He founded Milk the Cow, a podcast that was recognised as a finalist for the World's Best Podcast at the People's Choice Podcast Awards and Best Mature Podcast at the New Media in Europe Awards in 2016. In 2022, Gary launched Cow Daily, a project that won the Independent Media Award for Best Podcast/Live Stream.


With 20 years of experience managing youth and community projects across the UK, Gary is also a qualified mountain leader and cycling instructor. Since 1997, he has organised festivals, warehouse spaces, and club events in the UK and Europe. In his spare time he enjoys hanging out with his partner and dogs. 


Eve Livingston


Eve Livingston is a freelance journalist based in Glasgow, covering social affairs and inequalities. She has worked for The Guardian, The Observer, BBC Newsnight and many others, and been nominated for an Orwell Prize and an Amnesty Media Award.


Alongside her work as a journalist, Eve is interested in community, media reform and innovation, and has worked as a Community Organiser for journalism outlets and projects including The Bureau of Investigative Journalism. In 2021, she published her first book, Make Bosses Pay: Why We Need Unions, with Pluto Press, about young workers and the trade union movement in the UK. 


Silvia Rose 


Silvia is a published writer, tutor and freelancer born and raised in Eryri (Snowdonia). She graduated from UEA with a degree in English Literature & Creative Writing. Her passion for community and arts engagement has led her to working for organisations such as Film Hub Wales and Inclusive Journalism Cymru, where she currently works as Project Manager.


Alongside her own creative projects, she runs writing workshops and retreats in her local area, and teaches for Adult Learning Wales. Mae hi'n siarad Cymraeg.  


Clare Cook


Dr Cook is a leading expert on independent journalism in the UK, specialising in business and revenue models. She is an experienced Principal Investigator having run mapping projects such as: Hyperlocal Revenues in the UK and Europe (Nesta); Ping! Trends to stimulate new revenues for local publishers (Google DNI and Nesta Future News Fund); and as co-author of Sustainable Business Models on the Net (Comet).


She is currently working as a researcher and senior lecturer at the University of Central Lancashire, where she is co-founder of the Media Innovation Studio and heading up business viability for International Media Support with missions in Ukraine, Georgia and MENA. See

Coral Milburn-Curtis 


Dr Milburn-Curtis is an Associate Fellow at Green Templeton College, University of Oxford, where she teaches research methods to graduate students. She is a professor at  Pôle Paris  Alternance and Director of Studies for the Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) programme. She is also a visiting professor at the GreMOG Laboratory, Paris. Her teaching specialism is quantitative research methods and she provides the statistical analysis for PINF research projects. 


Sameer Padania 

Sameer Padania works with diverse stakeholders to defend, support and grow the public interest journalism ecosystem in the UK, Europe and beyond. For PINF, Sameer leads the Local News Plans pilot project. He was Lead Rapporteur on the Forum on Information and Democracy's 2021 global report calling on governments to deliver A New Deal for Journalism.


Over the last decade, he has worked as a grantmaker, strategist and assessor for funders including Open Society, Wellcome, the Nesta Future News Fund, and the Google DNI Fund, and networks like the European Journalism Funders Forum. He has written widely-used practical guides on funding journalism and mediainvestigative journalism, and the trends in funding journalism across Europe, and is a co-founder of the Charitable Journalism Project.

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