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Our comprehensive annual survey of the independent news sector in the UK.

About the project

At PINF, we believe that every community in the UK deserves to benefit from public interest news that speaks to them, for them and with them.

Every year, we conduct a comprehensive qualitative and quantitative survey of the independent news providers in the UK, painting a detailed picture of the shape and size of the sector.


Over the years, hundreds of providers have responded to the survey, offering us a unique look into the sector that works diligently to provide UK communities with public interest news. We have also used the Index to gather and share stories of the benefits that publishers provide to their communities and helps identify shared challenges and opportunities.

Through the Index, we have charted the changing fortunes of the independent news sector in the UK. We have shown how small news providers are punching above their weight and playing a crucial role in their communities – amplifying the voice of underrepresented groups, creating a forum for debate and driving democratic change. 

The Reports

PINF index 2024.png
Index 2022.png
PINF Index 2023 report cover.png
PINF Index 2021.png
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