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LAST CHANCE - Respond to the 2022 PINF Index Survey now!

News publishers: this is your last chance to be included in this year’s Index of Independent News Publishing.

We’re delighted that over 50 publishers have already had their say and we're keen to ensure every independent publisher has the chance to be part of our picture of news publishing in 2022.

The survey is open to professional providers of public interest news that produce primarily text-based reporting, and who have a turnover of under £2m.

Please fill in the survey as soon as you can! It closes at 9am, Tuesday 1 March.

The PINF Index of Independent News Publishing is our annual review of the sector. It’s vital to inform our plans and priorities – and to provide hard evidence on the state of indie news to philanthropists, policymakers and politicians. So far, with the support of our start-up funders, we have provided over £100,000 in grants to independent news publishers. We want to go much further than this, so we urgently need to build our evidence base. But we can only do that with your help.

Last year’s analysis led to features on independent news in The Economist and Press Gazette. We’re looking forward to seeing what the data reveals this year – and will be reporting on that in early summer.

Thanks again for taking part.


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