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PINF at Trust in Journalism Conference 2020

PINF is co-organising Day 2 of the IMPRESS Trust in Journalism Conference 2020, on 24 November, 2:00-5:00PM (GMT). The theme for the day is Public Interest News: Unlocking Potential.

This day explores the trends, challenges and potential of the independent public interest news sector in the UK, with insights from the US, Australia and Europe. What is the state of the independent news sector in the UK? Is charitable journalism a realistic future for public interest news? What are the contributions of public interest independent news organisations to the wider journalism and news landscape?


  • CONVERSATION. Public interest journalism today

  • PANEL. Unlocking potential: Public interest news worldwide (speakers from the US, Australia, the UK and Europe)

  • PANEL. How plural is the independent news sector – really?

  • PUBLISHERS ROUNDTABLE. Realising news potential


Adam Thomas, Director, European Journalism Centre

Alicia Bell, News Voices Organising Manager, Free Press

Anna Draffin, CEO, Public Interest Journalism Initiative (Australia)

Bernard Achampong, Founder, Unedited:

Emily Atherton, Editor-in-Chief, Cumberland & Westmorland Herald

Emma Meese, Director, Independent Community News Network (US)

Jo Adetunji, Managing Editor, The Conversation

Jonathan Heawood, Executive Director, PINF

Marverine Duffy, Broadcaster & Director of Undergraduate Journalism Studies, BCU

Polly Curtis, Managing Director, PA Media

Robyn Vinter, Founder & Editor-in-Chief, The Overtake

Sarah Cheverton, Editor, Star & Crescent

Shirish Kulkarni, Community Organiser, Bureau for Investigative Journalism


About the #TrustinJournalism Conference 2020

The IMPRESS Trust in Journalism Conference, is an annual celebration and exploration of some of the best journalism initiatives, key debates and shared challenges we face as an industry. The conference is a space for people from very different backgrounds and perspectives to come together and build solutions, including publishers, journalists, platforms, academics, regulators, students and more from across the UK and beyond. Visit for more information about the programme and speakers.

Time and date: 23-25 November 2020, 2:00-5:00pm (GMT)

Format: Online

Registration: Free


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