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Saving independent news & quality journalism, so how do we make it pay?

PINF's Executive Director, Jonathan Heawood talks to Jacob Granger of in this PODCAST about finding alternative revenue models that might be the saviour of quality journalism and help navigate the sector away from the current reliance on wholly unprofitable, click-based income models that only suit the nationals.

In this latest podcast, Jonathan, a former journalist himself, talks about the challenges the independent local news sector faces. What has changed since the Cairncross Report on public interest news was published in 2019? And what can the UK learn from local publishers overseas who have migrated to reader revenue and philanthropy?

Check out this fascinating Podcast and don't forget to help us help you, by completing our survey for the next PINF Index of the UK independent news sector. Fill it in when you get a chance.


Listen to the Podcast here >


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