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Indie news outlets – locally owned, locally produced – are under threat of closure, turning British towns like yours into news deserts.

Bad news: Big Tech greed, corporate takeovers and declining advertising mean that independent news providers are struggling to keep the doors open.

Good news: You can make a big difference to your community news provider by supporting them through a subscription, a membership or a small monthly donation. 

Even better news: This will help them cover their costs to keep reporting the news from and for your community.

The best news of all: The more you know, the more power you have to shape your own future. And they're here to help with that.

This sector is thriving, but fragile.

Indie news providers in the UK adopt entrepreneurial approaches to journalism that are deeply rooted in local communities up and down the country and informed by the needs of its citizens. 

Their coverage reaches millions of people in local and otherwise hard-to-reach communities across the UK.

However, because they provide small communities with highly relevant and high quality content, they generate little income due to their size and the size of their audiences. 

Unlike the 90% of daily newspapers in the country that are controlled by three giant corporations interested only in their bottom lines, the indies are locally owned by residents who have a vested interest in and a dedication to their communities’ wellbeing.

These communities receive no support from the UK Government, which in the past has routinely favoured corporate giants with far more political influence. 


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