Our second annual Index of the independent news sector


We want independent publishers in the UK to have their say on how we can build support for public interest news.


Our annual Index survey is open to independent news publishers and professional providers of public interest news with less than £2m turnover, that produce primarily text-based reporting. The survey gathers data on things like content, revenue and distribution to help map and support the independent news sector and takes around 30 minutes to complete. 

The 2022 survey is now closed - many thanks to all who took the time to submit a response.

2022 Index Report - Launch Event 

The Public Interest News Foundation is delighted to announce the launch of the Index of Independent News Publishing 2022.  


You are invited to join us at midday on Wednesday 22 June for a presentation of this year's survey findings from Jonathan Heawood, Executive Director of PINF. We’ll also welcome special guests to respond to the report, host a Q&A and provide a chance for some networking with your peers in this space. 


This year’s Index is the result of in-depth surveys taken by 72 publishers. Our analysis of the data reveals new insights into the size, shape and economics of the sector. We look at where publishers see the challenges and opportunities in future. And we answer the following questions: 

  • What’s the reach of the independent news sector?  

  • What are the chief sources of revenue for independent publishers? Does this change based on the kind of journalism?  

  • What difference does it make whether a publisher is non-profit or for-profit? 


Plus, we’ll share some of the inspiring stories of the impact that independent news publishers are having on communities across the UK.