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Calling indie publishers! PINF Index 2024 is here

Time to reflect on the year gone! Joe Mitchell launches this year’s edition of the annual survey of the UK’s independent news sector.  

PINF is delighted to invite publishers to complete this year's Index survey! The responses will power the 2024 Index of Independent News Publishing in the UK.   

The survey is open to professional providers of public interest news who produce primarily text-based reporting, with a turnover of less than £2m.   

Last year, a record-breaking 100 publishers completed the survey, providing us with more insights and information that any previous year. Read about our analysis and findings here.

This is your chance to be counted in the most in-depth look at indie news publishing in the UK. The survey and report will:  

  • Continue building the foundations of our work to grow public understanding of the independent news sector;  

  • Inform policymakers, philanthropists and the wider public about the state of independent news in the UK;   

  • Help publishers to compare themselves against sector-wide benchmarks; and 

  • Play a key role in PINF and others’ advocacy work to boost support for news publishing.  

The survey includes questions on audience and finance. It includes open questions on the challenges and opportunities you see in future. And it includes a chance to shout about your favourite example of the social impact you’ve had this year – don't miss this one!   

We’re grateful for every single response. We can offer an optional small token of appreciation of £25 per organisation.

If we reach 100 completions again, we plan more segmentation this year: grouping responses by similar attributes and showing the benchmarks for each segment. This way, we can help you get more use from the benchmarks, as you can compare like with like. This will also help us offer more useful training and networking this year.  

So, thanks for everything you did in 2023. Now’s your chance to tell the world about it!   

Joe Mitchell is Deputy Director at PINF.


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