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PINF Index 2022 - Report launch

Today, the Public Interest News Foundation is pleased to launch the Index of Independent News Publishing in the UK 2022.

This year’s Index is the result of an in-depth survey completed by 72 small independent news publishers across the UK.

Our analysis reveals new insights into the size, shape and economics of the sector.

Key findings include:

  1. The revenue of a typical publisher is £31,000 – and there’s a big difference between for-profits and non-profits.

  2. Advertising is still the foundation of revenue for independent news publishers – mostly via direct sales. Different kinds of news mobilise difference sources of revenue.

  3. Publishers in our sample reach 39m people per year via their websites alone. Of those producing a print newspaper, total circulation is nearly 300,000.

You can read the other five key findings and access the full report here.

PINF is also delighted to announce two major new initiatives:

  • The Local News Plan project, supported by NewsNow. Through this project, we will build a shared vision for the future of public interest news in six local areas, creating commitments to support this vision from stakeholders including local politicians, business leaders, civil society organisations and people with lived experience of relevant issues.

  • The News for All campaign, supported by Reset. Through this campaign, we are working with a range of partners to build a better local news economy for the future. We are calling on policymakers to support local news that adds democratic, economic and social value to local communities.

For more, join PINF’s Executive Director, Jonathan Heawood, and guests Erica Roffe, Managing Editor of the Bedford Independent; Struan Bartlett, Founder and CEO at NewsNow; and Poppy Wood, UK Director at Reset, in a discussion chaired by PINF trustee and Editor of The Conversation, Jo Adetunji, on Zoom at 12pm today, 22 June. Sign up here for the link.


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