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Public Health Advertising: Letter to John Whittingdale MP

In 17 April 2020, PINF and ICNN published a public letter addressed to John Whittingdale MP, regarding the public health advertising campaign announced on this date. The letter was signed by over 30 members of the media industry.

'By excluding independent publications from the campaign, the Government is in fact failing to provide essential information to the readers of those publications, and failing to support cherished institutions.'

More than 150 independent news publications belong to IMPRESS and/or the Independent Community News Network (ICNN). Collectively, they:

• reach 14.9 million unique website visitors every month; and

• circulate 427,000 printed copies of their publications.

'We urge you to reconsider your decision to work exclusively with Newsworks and the NMA, and to ensure that your campaign truly provides essential information to the public, and truly supports cherished local institutions.'

Signatures include Dame Frances Cairncross, author of The Cairncross Review, and Michelle Stanistreet, General Secretary of the NUJ.

The letter in full is available on the Save Independent News website. Visit for more information.


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